Voice Messaging

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Voice messaging is a new communication approach, which is similar to electronic mail except that it is audio message, rather than text messages that are processed. A sender speaks into a telephone rather typing, giving the name of the recipient and the message and the sender’s voice signal is then digitized and stored. The system can then either delivers the message at a specified time in the future or the recipient can retrieve it from a database. The message is converted back into its analog format when it is delivered or retrieved so that the recipient hears it as the original sender’s voice on a telephone.
Voice messaging (or mail) requires a computer with an ability to store the audio messages in digital form and then convert them back in an audio retrieval. Each user has a voice mailbox in secondary storage, and special equipment converts the audio messages to and from the digital form. The main advantage of voice mail over electronic mail is that the sender does not have to type. Voice mail also makes it easy to include people in the firm’s environment in acommunication network.
Several types of voice messaging products and services are available. Some are standalone systems while others are integrated into PABX telephone exchange, etc.

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