Using My Computer in XP

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My Computer in XP displays the contents of floppy, hard disk, CD-ROM, and network drives. You can also search for and open files and folders, and use options in Control Panel to modify computer’s settings.

  • To use My Computer, click on Start, and then click on My Computer.

My Computer IN Windows XP
My Computer IN Windows XP

Display the storage Contents

  • To see the contents of your hard disk, under Hard Disk Drives, double-click the drive you want to see such as C:, D: etc.
  • To find a file or folder on a floppy disk, CD-ROM, or other media,under Devices with Removable Storage, double-click onthe respective storage media you want to see.
  • To find a file in a folder, under Files Stored on This Computer,double-click a folder.

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