UDP Message Format

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The UDP header includes:
1. Source port number (16 bits) – An optional field
2. Destination port number (16 bits)
3. UDP length (16 bits)
4. UDP checksum (16 bits)
This is followed by data. The UDP checksum includes UDP data, not just the header as with IP message formats. For UDP and TCP checksum calculation a 12 byte pseudo header is included which contains some fields form the IP message header. This header is not transmitted as part of UDP or TCP, but is only used to help compute the checksum as a means of being sure that the data has arrived at the correct IP address. This is the TCP/UDP pseudo header:
1. Source IP address (32 bits)
2. Destination IP address (32 bits)
3. blank filler(0) (8 bits)
4. Protocol (8 bits)
5. UDP length (16 bits)

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