Types of Computer Viruses

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Viruses may be on systems for weeks or even months before symptoms appear. However, the sooner viruses are detected, the fewer applications, and systems will be affected.
If your computer experiences frequent system failures, unexplained difficulties in printing, slower operation, and/or the inability to run certain or all applications, a computer virus may be the cause. This does not mean that viruses are definitely the cause of problems, but they should be checked immediately.
Some of the most common types of viruses include: worms, boot viruses, macro viruses, and virus hoaxes.
Destructive programs that replicate throughout disks and memory, using up computer resources and eventually bringing the system down.
Boot Virus
Viruses written into the boot sectors of disk. If the disks are booted, they infect the system.
Macro Virus
Viruses written in a macro language and placed within a document. When the document is opened the macro language executes the destruction or the prank.
Virus Hoax
Phony warnings sent out by pranksters to upset as many people as possible.

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