Telnet (Remote Computing)

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Telnet or remote computing is telecommunication utility software, which uses available telecommunication facility and allows you to become a user on a remote computer. Once you gain access to the remote computer, you can use it for the intended purpose. The TELNET works in a very step by step procedure. The commands typed on the client computer are sent to the local Internet Service Provider (ISP), and then from the ISP to the remote computer that you have gained access. Most of the ISP provides facility to TELENET into your own account from another city and check your e-mail while you are traveling or away on business.
The following steps are required for a TELNET session
1. Start up the TELNET program,
2. Give the TELNET program an address to connect to (some really nifty TELNET packages allow you to combine steps 1 and 2 into one simple step!),
3. Make a note of what the “escape character” is;
4. Log in to the remote computer,
5. Set the “terminal emulation,”
6. Play around on the remote computer, and

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