Staying Virus Free

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There are several precautionary measures used to safeguard against possible infections. Following these methods will not prevent a virus from infecting a hard disk or removable media, but it will reduce the chances.
Run Virus Checks Frequently
Viruses should be detected as quickly as possible so they do not spread to other systems.
ITS offers free virus protection software to the BGSU community, for both Macs and PCs. After downloading and installing these programs, ITS recommends running frequent virus scans on hard disks and removable disks.
Update Virus Definition Files
Antiviral programs are useful only against known viruses. As new viruses are discovered, companies that make antiviral programs release new virus definition files, sometimes referred to as “DAT” files, to detect, remove, and protect against these new viruses. You must use the most current virus definition files to guard against newly discovered viruses. As new virus definition files are released, ITS makes them available to download from the ITS Virus Information page. Additionally, some antiviral programs are able to discern when their definition file becomes outdated, and will prompt you to update it.

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