Slim Down Your Vista Install

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If you are new to using Vista, or if you want to begin aclean slate, you may want to cut out some of the bulkthat comes with Vista. A popular program designed tohelp you with this task is named vLite.
vLite requires you to copy the setup files from yourVista installation disc to your hard drive. You thenselect the components you want to include in yourinstall and then you make a bootable ISO file.
Details of which components you remove come downto your choice and are out of the scope of this book.However, there are many sites out there that are willingto give you a starter point and suggestions.
While vLite is aimed at more advanced users, youshould have no problems having a go yourself. In theworst scenario, you are left with a Vista installationthat doesn’t have all the components you need.
One tip I will urge you to follow is to create the vLiteISO on a computer other than the one you are puttingVista on. If your OS is not functional you can at leasttry again.

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