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Searching on the Web: One of the most common problems all Internet users face is the fact that it can be quite difficult to find what you want on the Internet. There is no central “main menu” that users can access to navigate through the Internet. Although there might not be an official menu, there are several resources available – both on-line and off-line – that can make “surfing the net” easier. The Internet is a terrific resource. It contains hundreds of web sites dedicated to thousands of topics. There are some web sites, which are used to search information on the web. There are more than 2,500 search services presently on the Web.
Search services on the Internet come in two main flavours:
1) ‘search engine’ that index words or terms in Internet documents;
2) ‘directories’ that classify Web documents or locations into an
arbitrary subject classification scheme or taxonomy.
Most search engines take one or more words entered by the user, search the contents of every Web page stored in their databases and display the result. Search engines tend to “index” (record by word) all of the terms on a given Web document. Or they may index all of the terms within the first few sentences, the Web site title, or the document’s metatags.
Internet directories are on-line Web sites that place Web page into one or more categories. Web pages are usually listed with a brief description and their URL. Depending on the Internet directory you are using, a search engine may also be available, as well as a Random URL link. Directories operate on a different principle. They require people to view the individual Web site and determine its placement into a subject classification scheme or taxonomy. Once done, certain keywords associated with those sites can be used for searching the directory’s data banks to find Web sites of interest some popular search engineers are:-

  • Google-
  • Infoseek-
  • Alta Vista –
  • Lycos –
  • Yahoo! –

Your ability to find the information you seek on the Internet is afunction of how precise your queries are and how effectively you usesearch services. Poor queries return poor results; good queries returngreat results.

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