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Saving material onto a disk stores that material so that it can be accessed again. Any work you do on the computer should be saved, including papers and other assignments. Although you may be working in different applications, the saving procedure is generally the same.
1. Insert a disk into the correct disk drive.
2. Go under the File menu in the application, and choose “Save As.”
3. When the Save As dialogue box appears, click the arrow button next to the Save In box. This will cause a menu of save options to appear.
4. To save on your removable disk, choose either the 3 1/2″ Floppy Drive or the Zip Drive accordingly.
5. Type in a filename that will identify your document at the bottom of the box.
6. Click the Save button located in the lower right-hand corner of the box.
7. Save work as you continue, you only need to click on the save icon or go under File > Save.
• Save often. This is by far the most important step in the saving procedure. The more you save, the less chance you have of losing any of your hard work. Errors and freeze-ups can occur, and unsaved work will be lost. Also, always save before printing because this is the time when many errors occur.
• Use specific filenames. When naming your saved works, label them with detailed names so for easier identification when you go to find them again.
• Back up your saved works. Disks have been known not to not certain saved works because of errors. Make sure you save important works on two disks so that if one disk fails, you have a backup copy on another disk.

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