Should You Register Your Own Domain or Let the Host Do It For You?


It is best to register your own domain if you can.

There are several reasons why:
1. You will probably save money on the cost of the domain if you register yourself.
2. You will have ultimate control over where you POINT your domain (DNS record access)
3. Having access to your domain’s DNS record allows you to change hosting companies easier of you find a better deal on hosting and want to move your website.
4. Registering a domain is very easy.

Some customers choose not to register their own domain and prefer to have the hosting company do it for them. The advantages to this are:

1. You avoid the trouble of managing another account, username and password.
2. You do not have to worry about your DNS record as the host takes care of it
for you, making sure your domain is pointed to the correct server.
3. It saves you a step in setting up a web site.

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