Server tomcat v9 0 server at localhost failed to start in



Solution 1:

1- Right click on the project you work on > Build Path > Configure Build Path > Libraries > Add External JARs

2- Select all JAR files from the Tomcat/bin and Tomcat/lib

3- Click “OK”

Solution 2:

1-Go to your workspace directory » .metadata » .plugins » org.eclipse.core.resources folder.

2- Delete the .snap file.

3- Restart your Eclipse IDE.

Solution 3:

1-Go to your workspace directory » .metadata » .plugins » org.eclipse.wst.server.core folder.

2- Delete the tmp folder.

3- Restart your Eclipse IDE

Solution 4:

1- Open the Servers tab from Windows » Show View » Servers menu.

2- Right click on the server and delete it

3-Create a new server by going New » Server on server tab.

4-Click on Configure runtime environments link.

5-Select the Apache Tomcat Server and remove it. This will remove the Tomcat server configuration.

6-Click on OK and exit the screen above now.

7-From the screen below, choose Apache Tomcat server and click on Next button:

8-Browse to Tomcat Installation Directory.

9-Click on Next and choose which project you would like to deploy:

10-Click on Finish after adding your project.

11-Now launch your Server.

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