In Which Operating System We Can Use Azure CLI


In Which Operating System We Can Use Azure CLI ?

Azure CLI built to run cross platform, it supports Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Azure CLI means Azure Command Line Interface. The Azure CLI tools are used in a similar fashion to the PowerShell cmdlets. Azure CLI is used to manage the azure resources on the cloud. It is a simple but efficient way to manage Azure resources.

The syntax of the Azure CLI tools is designed to be familiar to users of a Bash scripting environment. Let’s walk through an example that creates the same resources as the previous PowerShell example, except creating a Linux-based virtual machine instead. Like the PowerShell cmdlets, you first must login to access Azure using the CLI tools. The approach is slightly different, after executing the command az login, the tools provide you with a link to navigate to in the browser, and a code to enter. After entering the code and your credentials you are logged in to the command line.

The current version of the Azure CLI is 2.31.0 (13th Dec 2021). For different operating systems, you need to run different command lines in the terminal to download them.

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