AWS Examtopics


The AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Exam covers a broad range of topics related to AWS services and architecture best practices. Some of the exam topics include:

  1. AWS Global Infrastructure and Account Management
  2. Compute services, such as EC2 and Lambda
  3. Storage services, such as S3, EBS, and Glacier
  4. Database services, such as RDS, DynamoDB, and Aurora
  5. Networking services, such as VPC, Route 53, and ELB
  6. Security and Compliance, including IAM and KMS
  7. Monitoring, logging, and automation using AWS services like CloudWatch, CloudTrail, and CloudFormation
  8. Serverless computing and event-driven architecture using AWS services like AWS Step Functions and AWS EventBridge
  9. Deployment and management of applications on AWS, including EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, and AWS Fargate
  10. Application Integration, including SNS, SQS, and API Gateway

It is important to note that the specific topics and their weight in the exam can change over time. It is best to check the AWS certification page for the most up-to-date exam topics and objectives.

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