Opening and Using Windows Explorer in XP

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To open Windows Explorer in XP,

  • Click on Start,
  • Point to All Programs,
  • Point to Accessories, and then click on Windows Explorer

Copying or Moving a file or Folder using My Document

  • Click on Start, and then click on My Documents.
  • Click the file or folder to be copied. More than one file or folder can be copied at a time.
  • To select more than one file or folder, click the first file or folder, press and hold down SHIFT key, and then click on the last file or folder.
  • To select non-consecutive files or folders, press and hold down CTRL key, and then click each of the files or folders to becopied.
  • Under Edit, select Copy.
  • Select the target drive or folder to which you want to copy the files.
  • Under Edit, select Paste to copy the desired file or folder to the target drive.

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