Opening Programs Windows Vista

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Windows Vista lets you launch (open) programs in many different ways:

  1. Choose a program’s name from the StartAll Programs menu.
  2. Click a program’s icon on the Quick Launch toolbar .
  3. Double-click an application’s program-file icon in the ComputerLocal Disk (C:)Program Filesapplication folder, or highlight the application’s icon and then press Enter.
  4. Press a key combination you’ve assigned to be the program’s shortcut .
  5. Choose StartRun, type the program file’s name in the Open text box, and then press Enter.

Open a document using any of the above techniques; its “parent” program opens automatically. For example, if you used Microsoft Word to write a file called Last Will and Testament.doc, double-clicking the document’s icon launches Word and automatically opens that file.
What happens next depends on the program you’re using (and whether or not you opened a document). Most present you with a new, blank, untitled document. Some, such as FileMaker and Microsoft PowerPoint, welcome you instead with a question: do you want to open an existing document or create a new one? And a few oddball programs, like Adobe Photoshop, don’t open any window at all when first launched. The appearance of tool palettes is the only evidence that you’ve even opened a program.

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