Opening Microsoft Access

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When you open Access, you will be asked if you wish to create a newdatabase or open an exiting database. The last several databases you haveused will be listed so you may open it directly. If it does not appear on thelist, you are able to open a browser, which allows you to open any databasefile you have.
Opening an Existing Database
When you have created a database, or one has been provided for you to use,the opening dialog box in Access gives you the option to open that database.
1. To open a recently used database, click the name of the database inthe list at the bottom of the dialog box, and click OK.
2. To open a database not on the list, keep OPEN AN EXISTINGFILE selected or click to select it, and click OK.
3. If you are already in Access, click the OPEN button in thetoolbar.
4. Click the drop-down arrow next to LOOK IN, and click the drive thatcontains the database you wish to open.
5. Double-click each subfolder you need to go through to ge t to thedatabase.
6. Click the database name, then click OPEN.

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