Microsoft Word 2003 Borders

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You can add a border to any or all sides of each page in a document, to pages in a section (section: A portion of a document in which you set certain page formatting options.), to the first page only, or to all pages except the first. You can set apart text from the rest of a document by adding borders. You can also highlight text by selecting a section of the text and applying a border to it.
This functionality will format each of your pages or paragraphs to have a border. Click on FORMAT from the menu bar at the top of the application. Select BORDERS AND SHADING from this menu. A dialog box pops up showing the various types of borders possible. Choose BOX Setting and select the required Style, Color, Width required for the document. Now set the Apply to option to PARAGRAPH or select the same options in the PAGE BORDER tab to create a border for a page.

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