Embedding fonts so others can view your documents

If you create Microsoft Word 2003 documents using a variety of unique fonts, though the document may look great on your computer, it may not look so good on another computer that doesn’t have the same…

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Comparing Word documents side-by-side

Have you ever had two somewhat similar documents that you need to compare and merge the differences? Luckily, Microsoft Word 2003 comes built-in with a document comparison tool where you can view two documents side-by-side….

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Creating a calendar In Word

With the end of the calendar year rapidly approaching, you soon will begin scheduling appointments for next year. What better way to stay organized then writing your appointments on a calendar you created using Microsoft…

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MS Access Date Format

You may format a Date/Time data type using one of several different types of date or time styles in Microsoft Access. For example, there is a format for a short date: 8/1/2001; or a long…

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Microsoft Access Input Mask

An Input Mask may be applied to certain types of fields so you do not have totype certain characters while entering data. For instance, when typing  a telephone number, you can simply type the digits…

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