Microsoft Access Input Mask

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An Input Mask may be applied to certain types of fields so you do not have totype certain characters while entering data. For instance, when typing  a telephone number, you can simply type the digits rather than having to remember parentheses around the area code and a dash in the middle of thenumber.
1. In Table Design view, click in a field.
2. Press F6 to move to the FIELD PROPERTIES box.
3. Arrow down to INPUT MASK or click.
4. Click the BUILD Button that appears to the right of the box.
5. You may be prompted to save any changes to the table at thispoint. Click YES.
6. When the Input Mask Wizard appears, click the type of INPUTMASK. Click NEXT.
7. You will next be prompted to make any changes to the Input Mask and select a Placeholder character. The number 9 in the Input Mask code stands for an optional entry, while the number 0 means that an entry is required. In this example, that means that if you put any entry in the field, you may skip the area code, but not the seven digits of the actual phone number. Click NEXT.
8. Always click the option to save your data with the symbols. This option will make the entry look the way you want. Click NEXT.
9. Click FINISH.
10. Access will enter the code for the Input Mask for you. This cod ewill include the pattern for the input mask, followed by a 0 to denote that you chose to store the values with the symbols, and finally the placeholder character you selected. Press F6 to return to the field.

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