Manipulating Windows

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The sizes of the windows on your screen can be changed so that more windows are visible. Following is a list of common features that can be implemented on all windows.
This function allows you to concentrate on one application by making its window cover the entire screen.
This function allows you to keep an application running, but remove it from the desktop area so that other applications can be accessed. The minimized program becomes a bar at the bottom of the screen, and can be accessed by clicking on the bar.
If an application window is not maximized, it can be resized so that more or less content can be seen. If you move your mouse pointer to one of the edges of the window, it will become a two-way arrow. At this point, hold down the left mouse button and drag the perimeter of the window in or out. When you release the mouse button, the window will resize to your specifications.
This function closes and exits the application you are running. However, if you are running an application such as Microsoft Word, the window of each document will have a close button, and clicking this button will only close that particular document, and not the entire program. It is important to always save your work before using the close feature, as any unsaved changes will be lost.

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