Logging Off a Windows 7 and Vista

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You can log off Windows 7 and Vista by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del and then clicking the Log Off option. If there is a problem logging off, the Log Off dialog box appears. This dialog box shows the programs currently running on the computer.
If one of the currently running programs is causing a problem with logoff, an explanation of the problem is displayed below the program name. You can then cancel the logoff or continue:

  • If you cancle the logoff, you can resolve the issue with the problem program-for exammple, by saving your work and exiting the program.
  • If you continue logging off by clicking Log Off Now, Windows will force the program causing problems to close, and you might lose work as a result.

Note: you can also log off by clicking Start, clicking the Options button to the right of the Power and Lock buttons, and then clicking Log Off

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