Installing Windows 7 from a USB flash card

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Windows 7 can run on computers with low productivity and require fewer resources than Windows Vista. Many users have confirmed that on slower computers running Windows 7 better than Windows XP. It is ideal for NETBOOKov, but many of them do not have a DVD drive.
What to do in this case?  This was our article. 
 Yesterday, our user was able to install Windows 7 on a netbook LG X110 for 20 minutes, through  4 GB pen drive.Installation was fairly simple, and lasted more quickly than with a DVD drive. Therefore, this method is ideal for installation on multiple machines.
>>> A quick way to using the program from the Microsoft-  Windows7-USB-DVD-tool.exe ! 
How to install Windows 7 from a USB stick: 

  • Find USB flash drive 4 GB and are connected to the computer.
  • Click “Start” and type “cmd”, a window opens which will need to enter “Diskpart”, will open another window.
  • In the “Diskpart” window, enter:

– “List disk” will see a list of all disk drives in your computer.
– Then type “select disk #”, where “#” is the number on the list of your stick.
– Then “clean”
– Then “create partition primary”  
– Then “select partition 1”
– Then “active”
– And finally “format fs = fat32 quick” 

Then you must copy the files of Windows 7 on a flash card from a Windows 7 ISO. To do this you need to open an image on a virtual disk:

  •  Set  MagicDisk  (free)
  • After utanovki, create a virtual DVD drive program.
  • Open the Windows 7 image created in the disk.
  • Copy all files from an image on our stick. Now she’s charging us.
Now you can connect a USB flash drive to your computer. Reboot, the BIOS set to specify where to start.
Installation should work without problems.
Who took advantage of this method, leave a comment and opinion on the installation.

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