Installing Software from a Disc

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Most commercial software these days comes on a CD or DVD. On each one is a program called Setup.exe, which, on most installation discs, runs automatically when you insert the disc into the machine. You’re witnessing the AutoPlay feature at work.
If AutoPlay is working , a few seconds after you insert the disc, the “wait” cursor appears. A few seconds later, the Welcome screen for your new software appears, and you may be asked to answer a few onscreen questions (for example, to specify the folder into which you want the new program installed). Along the way, the program may ask you to type in a serial number, which is usually on a sticker on the CD envelope or the registration card.
When the installation is overand sometimes after restarting the PCthe words All Programs appear with orange highlighting in the Start menu. If you click, the new program’s name also appears highlighted in orange, and your Start All Programs menu is now¬†ready for action.

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