Guide to Internet Explorer 7

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Internet Explorer 7 (IE 7) introduces a new, streamlined design. The first time you open up IE7, you will notice that the toolbar area has been redesigned. By default, there is no menu bar (File, Edit, View, Favorites, Tools & Help) displayed. In addition, there arefewer icons on the toolbar, the address bar is directly at the top of the screen, there is an integrated search feature, and tabs are available to view multiple web sites from within one browser window.
Internet Explorer 6 (old version) Toolbar

Internet Explorer 7 (new version) Toolbar

What happened to my Favorites?
Favorites can be displayed by clicking on the yellow star icon on the toolbar. This will open a drop‐down list displaying all of the Favorites that you previously had in Internet Explorer 6.

What are tabs and how do I use them?
Internet Explorer 7 introduces tabbed browsing within Internet Explorer. Tabbed browsing allows you to open multiple web sites from within one browser window. The image below shows four websites that are all currently open on tabs, providing the opportunity to switch between sites without having to use the back button.

To open a new tab, you can click on the blank tab on the very right as indicated by the diagram below or use Ctrl+T on the keyboard.

To navigate between open tabs, click the tab that you would like to view. IE also has a feature called QuickTabs that allows you to view screenshots of all currently opened tabs. To open QuickTabs, click the tab icon with four squares to the left of your tab toolbar.

The QuickTabs feature will bring up a screen similar to the following. From this screen, you can open one of those tabs into a full screen mode by clicking on the tab. You can also close tabs that you no longer wish to see by clicking on the X.

Can I display the menu bar?
Yes. If you prefer to have a menu bar that displays File, Edit, View, Favorites, Tools & Help, you can turn this on by clicking on Tool and then clicking Menu Bar. Internet Explorer will now display as follows.

How do I use the integrated search?
The integrated search feature of Internet Explorer allows you to search popular search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Amazon, eBay & Wikipedia without having to open up the respective web page. This feature is found in the upper right‐hand corner of Internet Explorer.

Enter your search string in the text box and then click the search icon to start the search. To change between search providers or to add a new search provider, click the downward triangle icon
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