Third Generation Computers (1964-71)

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The third generation computers were introduced in 1964. They usedIntegrated Circuits (ICs). These ICs are popularly known as Chips. Asingle IC has many transistors, resistors and capacitors built on asingle thin slice of silicon. So it is quite obvious that the size of thecomputer got further reduced. Some of the computers developedduring this period were IBM-360, ICL-1900, IBM-370, and VAX-750. Higher-level language such as BASIC (Beginners All purposeSymbolic Instruction Code) was developed during this period.The features of computers belonging to this generation were:
  • used tiny ICs
  • relatively very small in size
  • made use of operating system
  • high processing speed
  • more reliable
  • power efficient and high speed
  • use of high level languages
  • large memory
  • low cost

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