Formatting MS Word Paragraphs In Mac

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Figure 2. Changing the Paragraph attributes with the Paragraph menu.

To format your paragraph, first highlight the paragraph you wish to format. To highlight more than one paragraph, click at the beginning of the paragraph and drag the mouse over the text. To apply changes to the entire document, go to Edit > Select All. To specify Alignment, Line Spacing, Indentation, and Page Break click Format > Paragraph. This will open up the Paragraph menu (Figure 1).

  • The Alignment option allows you to choose how you want your paragraph to look (i.e. justified, right, center, or left).
  • The Line Spacing option allows you to set the desired spacing, such as single or double.
  • The Indentation option allows you to tab/push the line(s) in your paragraph either left or right.
  • The Page Break option is found in Paragraph menu, but you must first select the Line and Page Breaks tab. Page break allows you to split a paragraph or a page up into sections. You can also bring up this menu by right clicking (or by hitting CONTROL+click on a one button mouse) within the document and selecting Paragraph.

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