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There are a number of features that are available in Excel tomake your task easier. Some of the main features are:AutoFormat – lets you to choose many preset table formatting options.
1. AutoSum – helps you to add the contents of a cluster of adjacent cells.
2. List AutoFill – automatically extends cell formatting when a new item is added to the end of a list.
3. AutoFill – feature allows you to quickly fill cells with repetitive or sequential data such as chronological dates or numbers, and repeated text. AutoFill can also be used to copy functions. You can also alter text and numbers with this feature.
4. AutoShapes toolbar will allow you to draw a number of geometrical shapes, arrows, flowchart elements, stars and more. With these shapes you can draw your own graphs.
5 .Wizard – guides you to work effectively while you work by displaying various helpful tips and techniques based on what you are doing. Drag and Drop – feature will help you to reposition the data and text by simply dragging the data with the help of mouse.
6. Charts – features will help you in presenting a graphical representation of your data in the form of Pie, Bar, Line charts and more.
7. PivotTable – flips and sums data in seconds and allows you to perform data analysis and generating reports like periodic financial statements, statistical reports, etc. You can also analyse complex data relationships graphically.
8. Shortcut Menus – commands that are appropriate to the task that you are doing appear by clicking the right mouse button.

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