How to Disable /Restrict Use of USB Storage Devices in Windows

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Many times we want to restrict users from using USB drives in our systems. Suppose you have some important data and a friend comes and takes the data in his USB drive. This tutorial will help you in completely disable the use of USB drives in system.

After applying this tutorial, users will not be able to use USB drives. Windows will not detect it.
The tutorial is divided into 2 parts:
1 ] If the USB storage device is not installed in system

2 ] If the USB storage device is already installed in system
So lets start this tutorial:
If the USB storage device is not installed in system:
1. Type %windir%\inf in Explorer addressbar or RUN dialog box and press Enter. It’ll open “inf” folder.

2. Now look for following 2 files:
3. Now you have to change their user permissions setting. Do as following for each file:
Right-click on the file and select “Properties”. Goto “Security” tab and select the desired user or group in “Group or
user names” list which you want to restrict from using USB drives. Now in “Permissions for Users” list, click on “Deny”
checkbox next to “Full control” option and then click on OK.

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