Desk Top Publishing (DTP)

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While computers have invaded various industries through the latesttechnology and software, they have entered the printing industrythrough a process called Desk Top Publishing (DTP). DTP has made printing procedurefaster, more efficient and accurate. The traditional method of printinginvolves phototypesetting the text, cutting and pasting the typed text by the artist, where the artist has to draw lines and boxes manually to create a ready to use artwork.
The method of DTP involves, (i) typing the text on the computer keyboard, (ii) setting it in the page form with the help of DTP software, (iii) giving different fonts to Headings, captions, etc. by simple commands, and (iv) taking the final printout on a laser printer. Ventura, PageMaker, CorelDraw are some of the software using which very high class text setting, graphics designs and simple line drawings can be created faster and more accurately.

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