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From control panel you have access to the Printers, Taskbar and Start menu, Folder Options, Active Desktop, and Windows update. You can add/delete programs, change monitor settings, connect to networks, create a Startup Disk, Customize Desktop display properties, and set up Dialup Networking. The main features of Control Panel are:
1. You can do most of your customizing of your Windows environment., You can display pictures, patterns, or even scanned photographs as your wallpaper, the background of your Desktop. Using the different tabs in the Display Properties dialogbox, you can also change items such as the icons on your Desktop, the colors of individual windows, and the size of the objects on your screen. You can even add items to your Active Desktop or set up a screen saver.
2. You can quickly install Programs, such as MS Word or a game, using the Add/Remove Programs features in Control Panel.
3. You can also connect your computer to a network using Network features in Control Panel. To connect your computer to a network follow the steps given below:
i. Click Start, select Settings ®Control Panel, and then double-click Network dialog box appears. Click Add. Select Network Network. Component Type dialog box appears. Click Client, and then click Add. A list of client software appears.
ii. In the Manufactures list, click the name of the manufacture of your network software.
iii. In the Network Clients list, select the client software you are using, and then click OK. The client software is added to your computer.
iv. On the Configuration tab, select your client, and then click Properties. Enter configuration options for your network, and then click OK. (If you don’t know the options for your network, contact your network administrator).
v. Click OK and then click OK again. The client software is installed and your computer restarts.
4. If you have problems with Setup or have trouble in starting Windows98, you can use a Startup Disk to start your computer and run Setup or gain access to your system files. If you have problems with your hard disk, for example, you can use a Startup Disk to start your computer and troubleshoot your hard disk. To create a Startup Disk from within Windows98 follow the steps given below:
i. Click Start, point to Setting, click Control Panel, and then double-click Add/Remove Programs. The Add/Remove Programs Properties dialog box appears.
ii. Click the Startup Disk, tab, and then click Create Disk
iii. Label a floppy disk “Windows 98 Startup Disk” insert it into your floppy disk drive, and then click OK. To start your computer using Startup Disk follow the steps given below:
i. Insert the Startup Disk in the floppy disk drive.
ii. Restart your computer. The Windows 98 Startup menu appears. Type the number of hte appropriate CD-ROM option, and press ENTER. Follow instructions on your screen. After a series of scans, the MS-DOS prompt appears. From this prompt, you can gain access to the system files on the Startup Disk.
5. You can Add Printer wizard to quickly set up printers, select default printers, and change printer settings. The wizard guides you step-by-step through printer set up.

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