Components of a Website

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website components

Basic Components of any website are as follows:

  • Home Page and site-wide template design to ensure an attractive, functional and consistent appearance of your website.
  • Integrated site navigation to provide clear and consistent access to your site’s content.
  • Look and feel of your website, including colors, text and graphics, as well as the way it functions.
  • A Logo: to be displayed in the left corner of each page of your website.
  • A site map to Provide a list of all pages on your site.
  • Website Search features allowing user to search the website for content relevant to their specific interests.
  • About page that includes:
    o A complete description of you and / or your company
    o Your website and / or company objectives
    o Your name, address, phone numbers and e-mail addresses
  • Feedback: that facilitates the customers to ask some queries about your Products and Services.
  • A domain name: Your ‘address’ on the internet, what people type into their browser to find you. You choose a word or phrase (Example:- mywebsite) and an extension (Example:-
    .com, .net, .edu), your domain name could be
  • Web Hosting: The physical place your website resides; includes the computer (called a server) as well as the connection to the Internet and the technology that makes your website work.
  • Copyright: Displaying your copyright information at the bottom of each page. Your copyright might look like this: Copyright @ Year CompanyName

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