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CompilerCompiler is a program that translates the instructions of higher-level languages to machine language. It is called compiler because it compiles every program instruction given in higher-level languages into machine language. Thus compiler is a program translator like assembler but more sophisticated. It scans the entire program first and then translates it into machine code.
The program written by the programmer in higher-level language is called source program. After this program is converted to machine language by the compiler it is called object program.
A compiler can translate only those source programs, which have been written, in that language for which the compiler is meant for. For example, FORTRAN compiler will not compile source code written in COBOL language.
Object program generated by compiler is machine dependent. It means programs compiled for one type of machine will not run in another type. Therefore every type of machine must have its personal for a particular language. Machine independence is achieved by using standard higher-level language on different machines and converting them for use on specific machines through a

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