Change a Drive Letter

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As you’ve probably noticed, Windows assigns a drive letter to each disk drive associated with your PC. In the age of floppy disks, the floppy drive was always A:. The primary internal hard drive is generally C:; your CD/DVD drive may be D: or E:; and so on. Among other places, you see these letters in parentheses following the names of your drives in the StartComputer window.
Windows generally assigns these letters in the order that you install new drives to your system. You’re not allowed to change the drive letter of the floppy drive or any startup hard drive (the C: drive and, if you’re set up for dual booting, any other boot drives). You can, however, override the other drives’ unimaginative Windows letter assignments easily enough, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure-1 Right-click a drive icon. From the shortcut menu, choose Change Drive Letter and Paths. Top: In this dialog box, click Change. Bottom: Next, choose a letter that hasn't already been assigned. Click OK, and then approve your action in the confirmation box.


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