Censorship on the Internet and its necessity

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Internet – a free virtual world where everything is allowed, as opposed to reality. Internet – a great way to express yourself and to remain incognito. All this is good, but there must be some limitations, so to speak, of the frame. After all, the moral values ​​of the public do not allow the existence of such content on the Internet, such as child pornography (pornographic material involving minors), and in general pornography in any of its form. Images on which a child commits sexual acts and sexual organs of children, shot in the format of photo and video – a fairly common phenomenon in social networks. Should there be censorship on such a thing? Yes, of course, is unique.
Does it exist? This question is not absolutely clear answer. There is no absolute prohibition. But the question is raised. And those who care about this issue, working to solve the problem. In Russia, not so long ago, held a press conference on the creation of the organization “League of Safe Internet”. Its main aim – is combating the spread of inappropriate content of materials on the Internet. Fight League is going through the creation of a monitoring center network and the organization kiberdruzhin. Kiberdruzhin member can be anybody, which is found at any particular resource, hazardous material, such as child pornography, would inform the League. Kiberdruzhina here has the shape of the network model. In some countries ban have any pictures of the naked body of a minor, which would make sense to not bore the image. For viewing child pornography on the internet man is criminally responsible. It was found that 76% of those arrested for viewing child pornography online, molested a child in real life. It turns out that viewing explicit material of an erotic nature involving children, encourages people to follow an ugly act.
Meanwhile, a large Internet provider in the UK has taken measures regarding this issue – he introduces a measure to block sites with inappropriate material: with children, terrorist and other negative materials. We introduce all of this through filtering. This step – the first case of censorship in Western countries. And other ISPs block websites with inappropriate content.
If a user tries to connect to banned sites, the page opens with a notice about the error. Hmm … What the government thinks about child pornography? Some governments are offering to introduce electronic passports. For example, in Russian State Duma Deputy Robert Shligel believes that each user to the Internet space ought to receive e-passport. Perhaps it will be an electronic ID-card or account from which the user must log in to access the Internet. But MPs and presidents are more concerned with freedom of speech. There is a law on mass media, this law contains the article “The abuse of freedom of speech.” Based on this article, gradually introduce censorship. Information contrary to the interests of the parent – this is freedom of speech. Such information in abundance. More than a thousand Web sites devoted to the disclosure of black affairs, perfect white pudgy little hands of officials, unsolicited and truthful! (I emphasize this word – true information), anti-advertising entry talks, posted by users, simply shut down, removed or blocked by government authorities. It’s some pressure on those who bear political responsibility.
The penalty for freedom of speech in social networks on the above do not end there. Users expressing their opinions are not creditable to the government, can calculate and physically punish or imprison. Rarely, but it does happen, and murder. That is the methods of dealing with freedom of speech.
In some countries there are government sites are blocked. For example, in Iran, the toughest censorship internet sources. Wikipedia for Iranian users was closed on December 3 of 2006, simultaneously with the closing of YouTube. In 2009, the year Facebook has also been blocked in this country. Over time, and access to Twitter’u was closed. But the administration of the above servers have made concessions to users, eliminating the technical work on the server.
However, you can say “The introduction of measures alone leads to the generation of new ways to bypass the restrictions,” the censorship of criticism of power. Organized community and the guards who are opposed to Internet censorship. According to Internet users, the network – it’s the mass media, any restrictions on access to valuable information (not including child pornography), is very concerned about them. In their view, the network will cease to be the network when to impose censorship. Hackers, in turn, are also actively trying to fight against the ban freedom of speech. An international team of hackers «Hactivismo» published its intentions regarding the establishment of free software. It allows you to anonymously surf the web server user from countries where there is censorship in the network. Group of «Hactivismo» also has developed a program that allows you to bypass most of the monitoring network (the system, leading continuous monitoring of computer network and sends a signal to the main center of moderation). The third method of control: it is creating a program that will give an opportunity to create a network that absolutely anyone can get information without leaving a trace. It is very clear and explicit position of hackers, but the position of church representatives simply amazing. They are also against censorship in the network, despite the existence of her pile of pornography. Because they believe that human life because of constant monitoring may finally turn into reality “under a microscope.” There are also other ways to deal with censorship. When the person wishing to open a locked resource, can use other permitted resources, such as a web proxy, proxy server, and services Google.
All over the world every day a growing number of necessary and unnecessary information. Rapidly developing cyberspace in some respects requires restore order. But this is only virtual, but a reflection of our life in the real, true colors. It shows what happens to us – people. The presence of a network of pornographic materials involving children requires more censorship in the life of a person’s thoughts, rather than the Internet.
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