Shrink/Extend a Partition on Your Hard Drive

If you use multiple partitions on your hard drive, you may want to shrink or extend one of them – after realizing you want more space on another one of the partitions.... Read more »

Remove Icons from the System Tray

After using your computer for some time, you may find that there are a lot of icons building up in your system tray. With Windows Vista, you can hide these icons to... Read more »

Disable System Properties Access

The System properties can be accessed by right clicking Computer and selecting Properties. From here, you may change vital system settings. To disable access to these options, follow this guide. 1. Start... Read more »

Disable Registry Editor Access

To protect your computer from changes being made, disable the Registry Editor (regedit.). To disable registry editor follow the bellow mention steps. 1. Start Group Policy Editor (Start > Run > ―gpedit.msc‖)... Read more »

Disable run dialogue

Disabling the run dialogue is very useful when protecting your computer from unwanted changes — especially by those who know how to make critical changes. In this guide you’ll learn how to... Read more »

Disable logoff

Disabling Log Off helps users to remember to shut down their PC at night. In this guide you’ll learn how to disable logging off from the Start Menu and Task Manager. Removing... Read more »

Disable Shutdown

You may not want someone shutting down a computer because you don’t want them accessing the boot menu, or you may want to have the computer running at all times. This guide... Read more »

Disable Control Panel Access

You may want to restrict access to the control panel and only allow administrative access. This is a very good idea if your children use an account or if you set up... Read more »

Remove Add/Remove Programs

This guide will help you remove the Add/Remove Programs option from the Control Panel. This is not a fool proof method, but deters most users from accessing this list. 1. Start Registry... Read more »

Disable Right Click

You may not want users to have access to the right click menu. This can be useful when you don’t want people editing the start menu. There are workarounds for not having... Read more »