Category: Windows Vista

Opening Programs Windows Vista

Windows Vista lets you launch (open) programs in many different ways: Choose a program’s name from the StartAll Programs menu. Click a program’s icon on the Quick Launch toolbar . Double-click an application’s...

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Change a Drive Letter

As you’ve probably noticed, Windows assigns a drive letter to each disk drive associated with your PC. In the age of floppy disks, the floppy drive was always A:. The primary internal hard drive is generally C:; your...

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Schedule Defragmentation Vista

Defragmentation helps speed up access to data onyour drive. In this guide you’ll learn how to scheduledefragmentation so you don’t have to worry aboutensuring your drive is tidy. What does “Defragment” mean? When you constantly...

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Disable Right Click

You may not want users to have access to the right click menu. This can be useful when you don’t want people editing the start menu. There are workarounds for not having the right click button, but this will deter most users. In...

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