Disk Cleanup in Windows 10

Disk Cleanup is a utility that is included in the Microsoft Windows 10 and it is designed to free up space on the hard drive. The cleanup process involves searching and analyzing... Read more »

User and Group IDs In Unix

When you execute a program, you create a process. Four identifiers are assigned to this process upon its creation. These are its real uid, real gid, effective uid, and effective gid. File... Read more »

Unix Password File

Most UNIX variants keep information about users in two files, /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow. These files are used by the login program to authenticate users and to set up their initial work environment.... Read more »

Why Is UNIX Important?

During the past 35 years, the operating system known as UNIX has evolved into a powerful, flexible, and versatile operating system. The different variants of UNIX conform to a variety of standards... Read more »