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Coax cable types

These are the most used Caox cable types RG-58 /U – 50 ohm, with a solid copper wire core. RG-58 A/U* – 50 ohm, with a stranded wire core. RG-58 C/U* – Military version of RG-58 A/U. RG-59 – 75 ohm, for...

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UDP Message Format

The UDP header includes: 1. Source port number (16 bits) – An optional field 2. Destination port number (16 bits) 3. UDP length (16 bits) 4. UDP checksum (16 bits) This is followed by data. The UDP checksum includes UDP...

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with Apple brand computers. Most gateways operate at the application layer, but can operate at the network or session layer of the OSI model. Gateways will start at the lower level and strip information until it gets to...

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There is a device called a brouter which will function similar to a bridge for network transport protocols that are not routable, and will function as a router for routable protocols. It functions at the network and data link...

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Network Router

A router is used to route data packets between two networks. It reads the information in each packet to tell where it is going. If it is destined for an immediate network it has access to, it will strip the outer packet,...

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