Category: Communication

Audio Conferencing

Audio conferencing is the use of voice communications equipmentsto establish an audio link between geographically dispersed persons,one that allows them to conduct a conference. The conferencecall was the first form of audio...

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The term teleconferencing refers to electronic meetings that involvepeople who are at physically different sites. Telecommunication technologysystem allows meeting participants to interact with one anotherwithout traveling to...

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Voice Messaging

Voice messaging is a new communication approach, which is similar to electronic mail except that it is audio message, rather than text messages that are processed. A sender speaks into a telephone rather typing, giving the name...

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Communication Media

Following are the major communication media used today. 1. Twisted-Wire Pair: Twisted wire pairs are commonly used in local telephone communication and for short distance digital data communication. These are usually made up of...

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What is Internet ?

What is Internet ?:The Internet is a network of networks. Millions of computers all over the world are connected through the Internet. Computer users on the Internet can contact one another anywhere in the world. If your...

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