Windows Components

The main windows components when you start your computer are the Desktop, My Computer, Recycle Bin, Start Button, Taskbar, and shortcuts to applications. After opening an application, you will also have a window with an active application whic..

Best DTH Service in India

The best DTH service in India depends on that features or experiences you are looking for and hence, the answer to this query is subjective.  There are six major DTH providers in India, all competing for your attention and business: Airtel Di..

Personal Computer History

In order to properly understand and appreciate the progress we have made and to anticipate the continued evolution of the industry, let’s look at the progress of the computer. What precisely is a computer? Machines that helped people d..

Clock Speeds

The clock is like the rhythm to a song: each word is sung to each beat; the faster the beat, the faster we can complete the song. Generally, the processor obeys (called “executes”) each command in a certain number of clock beats (called ..

Installing Windows 7 from a USB flash card

Windows 7 can run on computers with low productivity and require fewer resources than Windows Vista. Many users have confirmed that on slower computers running Windows 7 better than Windows XP. It is ideal for NETBOOKov, but many of them do ..